Multimedia watermarking for mobile telephony

With the rapid development of 3G mobile telephony, operators need to offer operational solutions to protect copyright related to multimedia contents distributed on nomadic terminals.

In this context, the TAMUSO project (TAtouage Multimédia et ses Usages dans les réSeaux mObiles – Multimedia watermarking and its applications in mobile networks) is aimed at developing robust multimedia watermarking methods, meeting the stringent requirements imposed by the interactivity-reactivity-adaptability triptych in mobile environments.

Combining an original statistical approach with an innovative communications paradigm derived from the classic noisy channel model, the main features of the solution developed by ARTEMIS are:

  • a unified general-purpose theoretical framework, jointly applying the two major paradigms of watermarking, i.e. spectrum spread and side information;
  • a versatile algorithmic approach to content heterogeneity (video, audio, 3D), terminals, networks and services;
  • a certain longevity in terms of withstanding everevolving attacks, made possible by a modular algorithmic structure.

This research has been the subject of a joint SFR/GET-INT patent application.

 Partners: SFR

 Type: Industrial

Keywords: Content protection, Mobile multimedia, Modeling, MPEG 21, transmission

 Contact: Mihai Mitrea

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