ARTEMIS has been involved in the development of the MPEG-7 standard from its early days, following the call for proposals issued by the MPEG Group in 1998. Since this date, ARTEMIS has actively contributed to the evolution and life of MPEG-7 through technical inputs, applicative developments and dissemination activities.ARTEMIS contributions, which have been promoted in the current version of the MPEG-7 standard, relate to visual descriptors. They comprise:

the parametric motion descriptor, which allows for a compact representation of video object motion for video retrieval based on motion similarity;
the 3D shape descriptor, dedicated to 3D mesh retrieval.

For these various standardized features, a set of estimation techniques and optimized similarity metrics have been elaborated and validated, ensuring the efficient integration of these technologies into real-life applications.

  ARTEMIS has also developed the AMIS indexing platform (Advanced Multimedia Indexing System) as the first system supporting the MPEG-7 description scheme approach in an intuitive and efficient way. AMIS versatility has been demonstrated in a variety of applicative contexts, including video archiving, gesture recognition and remote consultation of CAD databases.

Finally, ARTEMIS contributes to promoting the MPEG-7 standard among industrial players, by providing a global expertise and elaborating standardized technical solutions in the framework of exploratory and pre-competitive projects, such as the national projects AGIR, SEMANTIC-3D, FAME2 and HD3D-IIO, and the European projects Jules Verne and Passepartout.

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