Remote maintenance services for car industry

The leading French car manufacturer, RENAULT wants to develop and exploit an information and communication system compliant with heterogeneous nomadic environments, to bring into operation new remote consultation, assistance and maintenance services.

To respond to these requirements, the RNRT SEMANTIC-3D project is aimed at proposing new approaches for (de)coding 3D graphic objects, developing user interfaces based on virtual reality to simplify access to various contents and securing data exchange.

Ultimately, new compression, indexing and watermarking techniques will be incorporated in the information and communication system between mechanical parts designers, nomadic users, represented by either car mechanics or dealers, by means of a central 3D data server, and using various wired or wireless communication networks.

ARTEMIS has developed methodological and technological solutions for dynamic adaptation of contents to the resources available (bandwidth, terminals, etc.), manufacturer data protection (identification, authentication, traceability), description of heterogeneous multimedia contents and real-time intelligent access to large-scale databases.

 Partners: Eurecom - LIRIS - Renault - Télécom Lille 1 - TGS

 Type: European

Keywords:  3D graphics, Compression, Content protection, MPEG-21, MPEG-4, MPEG-7, Multimedia databases, Multimedia indexing, Transmission

 Contact: Artemis

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