Networked 3D Multimedia Gaming Platform

Kusanagi project is an end-to-end seamless infrastructure to develop, publish and play High-Definition 3D Real-Time Networked Videogames and therefore, more generally interactive Networked Media.

The project is focused on a business and a technological breakthrough, by circumventing the dedicated terminal for videogame, to replace it by the network and high performance computing.  This breakthrough has the opportunity to move the added value away from the console towards the content where the European industry is rather strong.

The project aims to exploit two major technological changes introduced by very high broadband access (fibre to home) and affordable high performance computing (n-core CPUs & GPUs) and develop a high-end network centric game content development environment, capable of overcoming local hardware limitations to distribute interactive entertainment as never experienced before. In the project, we conducted research, design and development beyond the state of the art, on the following issues:

  • The computing platform in the core of the network, which will host 3D content and allow for a rich gaming experience, both in terms of visual quality and flexibility with the ability to adapt to network conditions
  • The streaming technology optimized to allow widespread access and simple distribution of interactive content

In the long term, Kusanagi seeks to become an engine of the European video game industry and provide technical and strategic value, in addition to enabling the transition from the console to gaming services hosted on the network. On the professional imagery market, remote viewing without loss of interaction can greatly improve the accessibility of information in many scenarios involving security, mobility constraints and numeracy.

The project focuses on the development of software architectures that will be critical to control areas of highly parallel computing and high performance networking, and their impact on the quality of the content and transfer speed, data size, complexity optimization, the viability of an open infrastructure and middleware standardization efforts.

 Partners: Eureva, BARCO NV, OrangeLabs, IBBT

 Project site: http://www.kusanagi.eu/

 Type: European

 Keywords: Remote rendering, Online Games, Compression


Contact: Marius Preda 

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