Content, Architecture and ALgorithms for the 3D Extraction and Rendering

 Over the last years, the 3D stereoscopic (s3D) ecosystem has broadened in the cinema and the TV space. At the same time, a variety of Smartphone has emerged which enables watching video content while on the move. Recently, as a natural step in this evolution, Smartphones with Mobile s3D displays have appeared on the market, but the user acceptance, as well as their content adequacy, remain to be proven. Moreover, s3D processing is computationally demanding and its porting on mobile platforms is still a challenge.

The CALDER project demonstrates the feasibility of a wide range of applications on mobile s3D displays, and analyzes the user perception and acceptability of these applications focusing on the quality of the s3D rendering. It also provides a demonstrator that brings together these various aspects.

CALDER established algorithmic solutions for depth extraction, designed a rendering engine, and developed the corresponding s3D mobile applications. Finally, it studied the user perception that helped the creation of some guidelines for the system design, user content creation and UI presentation

 Partenaires : NXP Software - ST-Ericsson - Institut Télécom

 Type : National

 Keywords: 3D graphics, Mobile, Multimedia standard, Stereoscopic content

 Contact: Marius Preda

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