Interactive TV at the crossroads - Next turn: Object-oriented TV


From a strategic point of view, the content creation industry is today confronted with the assessment and validation of new economic models for interactive digital TV (i-DTV). From a technological perspective, however, i-DTV is still waiting for powerful and efficient tools for managing enriched interactive multimedia content.

ARTEMIS is in charge with the Content & Tools workpackage which is the most innovative component of the Jules Verne project. It deals with elaborating authoring tools for TV content creation based on the MPEG-4, MHP and MPEG-7 standards.

The innovative MP4 Click & GetTM concept, patented by ARTEMIS, has allowed, as a world premiere, to release an integrated software suite featuring support tools for a variety of content and media types: image, audio, video, 2D/3D graphics, Java applet, connection to remote servers, and interactivity / reactivity component.

The two applications developed by ARTEMIS - Weather Forecast and Encyclopedia - have demonstrated the relevance of this concept to create and manage complex scenarios involving immersion/navigation in 3D virtual worlds, simulation of emotional behaviors, integration of reactive standalone contents and QUIZ.

 Partners: Cardinal Information Systems - CRP Henri Tudor - Cybercultus - LORIA - Lucid'It - Philips Digital Systems Laboratories - Philips Semiconductors - Saint Thomas Productions - Telvent - Thomson

 Type: European

Keywords: 3D graphics, Digital TV, Interactivity, Interoperability, MPEG-4, MPEG-7, Multimedia indexing, Transmission

 Contact: Artemis

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