Educational Video On Demand

The market for mobile video services is in expansion. Compared to Internet, their characteristics is the significant disparity between the audio and video formats that are supported by multiple mobile devices and means to access to the network. Innovative technologies of dynamic content adaptation are needed to cover the greatest number of devices and network access conditions. Given the scalability of the number of video services, technology content adaptation must have the ability to handle large volumes of content growing constantly.

The project aims to provide a platform to broadcast mobile video services on demand (VoD) offering technological solutions to adaptable content and interfaces to ensure interoperability and massive deployment. The principle of the project is to overcome the capture of a classroom course and distribute it on line. Two important factors are taken into account: 

  • Adapt the system to the teacher and not the way around
  • Propose to the students a strong interactivity to get close to the classroom course

The purpose of the project is to exploit the potential of the new communication technologies and propose a dynamic service, interactive and efficient for both teacher and students. It will possible for teacher to expand their course content through an intuitive interface.

The pedagogical dimension of the project is enhanced by conducting interviews with the teachers and the students that will lead to a set of instructions and features that will be considered by the development team.


 Type: National

Keywords: e-learning, Plateform, Visualization, Mpeg-4

 Contact: Marius Preda

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