3D modeling for 2D cartoons

Today, automating the animation process in the cartoon production process has become a major economic issue for the entertainment industry. A privileged partner of this industry, Quadraxis proposes interactive and user-friendly authoring tools to aid cartoon design and production, respecting the traditional practices of creative artists and at the same time incorporating them within a unified and standardized architecture in order to cut off production costs.

The TOON project is aimed at transfering to Quadraxis of innovative technological approaches developed by ARTEMIS, concerning:

  • modeling and reconstruction of 3D objects from a few (4 to 8) 2D drawings corresponding to its projections,
  • animation and deformation of virtual characters,
  • 2D/3D registration of virtual characters according to the story-board defined by the script-writer,
  • projection and rendering of 3D characters into a 2D scene,
  • scene coding, compression and visualization according to the MPEG-4 standard.


 Project siteQuadraxis

 Type: Institutional

 Keywords: 3D graphics, 3D reconstruction, animation, Interoperability, Modeling, MPEG 4, Registration

 Contact: Titus Zaharia

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