High-Definition 3D / Initiative for an Open Industry

HD3D-IIO deals with digital content creation and production with the goal of empowering the audiovisual and entertainement industries with novel technological solutions to face the challenges raised by constantly changing working environments and intense global competition. Mastering digital content exchanges then involves developing open-ended, collaborative and interoperable technologies.

The project is segmented into the following technical workpackages:

A - Platform for production, media asset management, production management and production follow-up
B - Capitalization and re-use
C - Exchange formats, consistency and continuity of audio/visual perception throughout the production workflow
D - Computational clusters
E - Security

ARTEMIS contributes to parts B, C and E.

 Partners: 2 Minutes - DuranDuboi - Eclair Laboratoires - Ecole Européenne Supérieure d'Animation - Ecole Nationale Supérieure Louis Lumière - LTC - Mac Guff - Mikros Image - MSH Paris Nord - CICMOrange Labs - France Telecom R&D - TeamTO - Thalès Services - Université Paris 13 - L2TI - Université Paris 8 - INREV-ATI

 Type: National

 Keywords: Animation, Compression, Graphique 3D, Indexation, Interactivité, Interopérabilité, MPEG-21, MPEG-7, Protection, Réalité augmentée, Transmission, Visualisation

 Contact: Artemis

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