Marius Preda, Associate professor

Marius Preda received an Engineer Degree in Electronics from University POLITEHNICA (Bucharest, Romania) in 1998, and a Ph.D. Degree in Mathematics and Informatics from University Paris V - René Descartes (Paris, France) in 2001. He started his carrier as a production engineer at Electronica Aplicata (Bucharest, Romania) and then as a researcher at University Electronica si Telecommunicatii (Bucharest, Romania). During his Ph.D studies, he was a R&D Engineer in the ARTEMIS Department at TELECOM & Management SudParis where he then held a R&D Project Manager position in 2003-2004 before becoming an Associate Professor in January 2005.

¬ Research activities

Marius Preda's research interests include generic virtual character definition and animation, rendering, low bitrate compression and transmission of animation, multimedia composition and multimedia standardization.

Marius Preda is involved in many projects at the institutional, national and European levels, as a technological leader and an MPEG-4 expert.

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¬ Institutional activities

Marius Preda has been actively involved in MPEG-4 since 1998, especially focusing on Video and Face & Body Animation (FBA) coding. He is the main contributor of the new animation tools dedicated to generic synthetic objects, promoted by MPEG-4 as part of AFX (Animation Framework eXtension) specifications. He is Co-Editor of AFX specifications and, since 2001, Editor of MPEG-4 internal documents related to the SNHC Group (VM and CE). He is the initiator of the OnLine GAming (OLGA) activity within MPEG, and acts as the chairman of the OLGA Ad-Hoc Group.

¬ Editorial activities

Marius Preda is a regular reviewer for IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems for Video Technology and IEEE Transactions on Multimedia.

¬ Teaching activities

Graduate program

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