Formalizing Augmented Reality Experiences

FARE will research how to support rich presentation, interaction and linking between the physical and digital worlds and specifically will develop a formalism to efficiently represent this support. FARE will build on the ongoing work of ARTEMIS/GRIN team on defining formalism for mixed/augmented reality, an activity initiated during the TOTEM project (with partner Fraunhofer FIT) and continued by the team in the international framework of MPEG-‐A Part 13 Augmented Reality Application Format standard. However, FARE will bring a significant novelty by considering during the authoring process the partial 3D reconstruction (point clouds or set of planar primitives) of the static physical world. Existent approaches are using, in the best case, a combination of sensors and real time object recognition to estimate camera position. By using the a priori knowledge of the whole physical world, FARE will allow more precise and realistic augmentation and novel interaction paradigms, the premises of creating engaging AR experiences.

 Partners: Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, University of Surrey

 Keywords: Augmented/mixed reality, Content, Authoring tools, Representation and interaction, Formalism, Personalized, Learning, Standardization 

 Contact: Marius Preda

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