Interactive Cinema Experience trough advanced storyboarding and mobile devices to BREAK the fun frontier

Since 2009, movie-goers worldwide enjoy a new movie experience thanks to 3D. Many theaters are now equipped with 3D and have seen an increase of visitors, but it is noteworthy that 3D (and 4D, i.e. with additional special effects) was already present in theme parks for almost 15 years. Yet, with the advent of 3D television for home, one may fear that the renewed interest for movie theaters will soon fade out again, and that people will return enjoying Blu-rays at home on their newly acquired 3D set.

However, movie theaters have more to offer: they are an ideally suited place for OUT-OF-HOME GROUP EXPERIENCE, and (can) play an important role in terms of SOCIALIZATION and face-to-face meetings between people in our fragmented and virtualized world.

ICEbreak aims at creating a one of its kind experience that will definitely set movie theaters as a unique entertainment and socialization place. All three aspects are important:

  • Out-of-home: it must be different enough to justify for people to come to the cinema, not just an upscale version of home systems.
  • Group: a key asset of cinemas is that many people are located in the same space. It is a unique opportunity to generate genuine memories of doing something together.
  • Experience: it emerges from a mix of emotions (through storytelling, quality of the settings) and satisfaction (notably through interactive means) in a long-lasting way.

 Partners: Alterface, GameCO, Wizarbox, XDC

 Type: Européen

 Keywords: Interactiv movie, jeux mobiles, Visualisation, MPEG-4

 Contact: Marius Preda

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