Play & Cure

Medical serious game

Play & Cure seeks to build a technological demonstration platform for the design and use of "Serious Games" for medicine students. This platform will integrate an “author” component (teachers, doctors, among others) and "users" part (students). The pedagogical resources can also interest biology students, high school students and the public in general.

The objective, in the technical view, is the development of a platform integrating the latest technologies needed to build "Serious Games": creation of a virtual human (VH) with high quality graphics, multi-layered and multi-scale static and dynamic generation of 3D scenes from the HV, followed by the learner / player, storage and retrieval of 3D objects, real-time navigation, exchange standards Web 2.0 technology "learning objects" games.

The objective, from the user side, is to propose to medical students a multiscale 3D tour inside a human body and learn to understand the anatomy and pathophysiology (dynamic models) and a learning process acquisition by (i) a simulation of the learner (eg, the learner is confronted with virtual patient cases), (ii) the immersion in a virtual reality (VR) and (iii) the learning representation through games.

This demonstrator will be the starting point for the creation of a serious game providing full interactivity with the learner / player in a variety of contexts: diagnosis of a virtual patient, operating room, accident etc… The innovation lies in two main areas:

  • The generation of dynamic 3D scenes in anatomy and multiscale pathophysiology simulating organs and their interactions at different levels of description going up to the cell.
  • The development of a technology platform that is open and interoperable with a maximum of geographically distributed devices (PC, mobile phone …)

 Partners: IBC Integrative Biocomputing, Faculté de Médicine de Rennes, GameCo, UPMC-Lip6

 Type: National

 Keywords: medical, learining, serious game, compression, MPEG-4

 Contact: Marius Preda

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