Open Publishing Cloud

OPC seeks to facilitate the "digital revolution" of print publishers wishing to distribute their content on tablets and new connected devices. The project involves deploying a chain of production and distribution of digital rich media content scanning four types of collections - the children's book, the art book, the book practical (cooking, travel), the textbook- with the following objectives:

  • Propose a pivot format data based on cutting nuclear contents (texts, media, interactivity, etc..) for the storage of graph forms able to qualify and quantify the content.
  • Propose a content workflow using the partner tools based on the pivot format data.
  • Develop an ecosystem for professionals based on the results of the Cloud infrastructure projects, to compose and orchestrate services and interactive contexts.
  • Build a content recommendation engine, using humor, history, tastes and exogenous rules, which will generate a stream of custom content for the reader.
  • Build a specific rendering engine for a layout type "magazine" of this customized content.
  • Propose a mechanism for the creation and exploitation of multimedia content (animation, video, interactivity, etc.)
  • Explore the possibilities of the TV connected via prototypes and achievements of the different partners. Explore the impact of these new terminals on uses, authoring tools and formats.

 Partners: Aquafadas, Archos, BeIngenious, Groupe Bayard, Editions Belin, Editions du Relief, EISTI, Gobelins, INA, Les Echos, Melty Network, Reader’s Digest, RMN, SFPA, SUMM Consulting, Tite Live

 Type: National

 Keywords: autoring tool, publishing, cloud computing

 Contact: Marius Preda

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