The HD3D² project, starting in January 2010, is a second step to create new foundations for the Image and Sound Technical Industries with a focus on the optimization of 3D movie creation, sound/image integration, production variants management. HD3D SAS coordinates the efforts of 7 companies and 5 Research Public University Departments of this community.

 Partners: HD3D SAS (75), Mac Guff (75), Mikros Image (92), TeamTO (75), 2 minutes (75), Noelios Technologies (92), Arkamys (75), ENS Louis Lumière (93), Université Paris 13 Nord (93), Université Paris 8 Vincennes Saint-Denis (93), Institut Mines-Télécom (91), LIMSI - CNRS (91), CST - Commission Supérieure Technique (75)

 Type: Industriel

Keywords: 3D graphics, MPEG 7, Multimedia indexing

 Contact: Titus Zaharia

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Completed projects