Scalable interactive digital TV

echnological convergence, seamless integration and universal access are the key words in today’s multimedia. In this context, digital television plays a central role and is raising new challenges for the scientific community in terms of functionalities, usages and services. How can we reconcile the worlds of the web and television? How can we distribute content everywhere, on different networks (fixed or mobile) and terminals (PC, STB, PDA, mobile phone, etc.), while at the same time exploiting unconventional interaction modalities inspired by virtual reality applications? How can we share, exchange, enrich and customize these contents in an efficient and scalable manner? How can we make the science fiction reminiscent scenarios real and operational today those scenarios more reminiscent of science fiction? Numerous questions within one main one: how can we create a new type of digital television, accessible everywhere and available to all? This is the ambitious challenge being tackled by the Passepartout project, bringing together a European industrial and academic elite within a broad consortium.

Within this stimulating context, ARTEMIS is responsible for the Content & Tools sub-project, the most innovative component of Passepartout. This concerns, firstly, the development of authoring tools for TV content creation based on MPEG-4/7/21, MHP, SMIL and TV-Anytime standards and, secondly, the development of new interaction mechanisms, founded on advanced vision and analysis techniques for 2D and 3D multimedia content.

 PartnersCardinal Information Systems - CharToon - CNAM-Cédric - CRP Henri Tudor - CWI - ETRi - IRUTIC -JUTEL - LORIA - Philips Digital Systems Laboratories - Prewise - Saint Thomas Productions - Stoneroos - Telvent -Thomson - TUE - Universidad Politecnica de Madrid - UVIGO - V2 - VTT

 Type: National

 Keywords : 3D graphics, Animation, Authoring tools, Compression, Interactivity, Mobile multimedia, MPEG-4, Online gaming, Transmission

 Contact : Titus Zaharia

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